Subject of the Jamboree Meeting on the Points of Single Contact

The idea of Jamboree PSC

The EU Services Directive aims to remove barriers that prevent or deter service providers from establishing in other Member states, and to ensure free movement of services across borders by making it easier to provide services temporarily or remotely. A key element of the Service Directive is the development of a 'Point of Single Contact' (PSC) in each member state, an electronic means to enable service providers, recipients, and other interested parties to obtain information and engage with relevant organisations in order to trade effectively.

The implementation of the PSC is a major challenge for all Member States. We face technical and policy choices as to the best manner to deliver the PSC. Think of how the PSC may be found by providers of services, possibilities to connect various PSCs, the question whether the PSC is managed by government or industry, and under which terms it can be truly valuable for providers of services in their contacts with the government. With regard to technical choices one might think of the dilemmas with regard to open source software and the use of open standards, (central) facilities for providers of services to send messages to the PSC or data security issues: choices that will all be decisive for a successful implementation of the Services Directive.

Moreover it could be of great inspiration for implementers to see sitemaps and site-structures of other Member States’ PSCs. Also, exchanging views on the various practical arrangements for updating information and forms could prove very useful.

The aim of the 2nd Jamboree Meeting is to bring together the persons directly involved both from a technical point of view as well as policymakers responsible for the PSC in order to share knowledge and expertise. The Jamboree is set up by the Member States for the Member States and aims at creating an additional forum for the PSC, where MS truly can share best practices and learn from each other. In that way a permanent network can be created with which Member States are capable of keeping each other informed and support each other.

We hope as many of you as possible can attend the Jamboree and help us extend and reinforce a really valuable learning network.