Legal information system

The Legal Information System of Austria is one of the most important information databases in the Web for federal and provincial law gazettes as well as decrees from the Federal Ministries.

The legal publishing body of Austria for all legislation and information relevant to the law is run by the Federal Chancellery and is available for free to everyone. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that RIS has been the official source for all federal law gazettes since 2004 (not in paper form, as before).

The Legal Information system (RIS), whose beginnings reach all the way back to 1983, has been available on the Internet since 1997. It helps to streamline government and jurisdiction as well it also offers a cost-efficient and simple access to laws and legislation for both citizens and businesses.

The Legal Information System gives a comprehensive insight not only into national law, but also into European community law, and judicature of high courts, commissions and tribunals. RIS works like a search engine to provide answers to all legal questions by returning a comprehensive list of matches for search queries.

It is one of the oldest public government projects in the Internet. The database can be used not only by law students and lawyers, but by all citizens to look up current and historical laws. RIS is used, above all, to announce legislation which must be declared by law in the Federal Law Gazette and to provide information about laws of the Republic of Austria. While developing the system, requests from citizens, interest groups, businesses (for example, those in the law branch, such as lawyers or public notaries), and those in government were taken into particular consideration.

The search interface complies with accessibility standards and is very user-friendly. It only takes a few seconds for the search to return the laws that correspond to the given search term. The electronic signature again comes into play here. In order to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the content, all published laws and legislation are affixed with an electronic signature.

The scope of the Legal Information System is constantly being expanded, including historical laws.