Citizen card

Citizen card

The citizen card is the main component of performing electronic services between public authorities and businesses. It is used for uniquely identifying users and establishes secure communication towards public authorities.

With FinanzOnline, it is possible to file sales tax, income tax and corporate tax returns online. Electronic tenders save businesses money since it is no longer necessary to produce multiple copies of the tender documents.

Employees can put their citizen card to use at work, if they have an electronic mandate stored on it. This allows employees to conduct transactions with public authorities on behalf of the business. The citizen card is part of the security framework and is available for citizens as well as for consumers. Businesses can offer their own online services and ensure that communication with their customers is secure by making use of the security-relevant functions on the citizen card.

The citizen card has several advantages compared to other systems. The standard username/password system has a high uncertainty factor due to poorly chosen passwords. Research has shown that many computer users choose simple, easy to hack passwords (such as using their own first or last name) or write them even down. In addition to this, passwords can be intercepted over the Internet. All these situations result in unauthorized access. With the citizen card documents and orders can be signed easily and securely. The "digital signature" also offers legal security.

You only need a PC and a card reader for inserting the citizen card. In addition, you also need to download and install the necessary citizen card software, called the Citizen Card Environment. This software is available free for download for all of the most commonly used operating systems. If the citizen card function has been activated it can be used immediately afterwards.

The citizen card is a very helpful tool in many areas of eGovernment. An Internet portal was created for the citizen card that contains extensive information on this electronic identification card and how it works.