Citizen Card

Citizen card

The citizen card is an electronic identification concept for the Internet. People can use it for identifying themselves by digital means to a public authority. It allows them to be uniquely identified and authenticated where required by law.

The citizen card contains a qualified electronic signature that makes it possible to sign forms or contracts which normally require a personal handwritten signature. While practical for doing business with public authorities, the citizen card can also be put to use in personal matters, for example, in order to increase the security of Internet transactions or for eBanking.

So how does one obtain a citizen card? A card which gives you access to all public authorities on the Internet? If you have an eCard or a bank card, then you practically have one already. You only need to activate it in order to get started.

The citizen card is available in many different formats, since it does not depend on a particular type of technology and does not require one specific type of card. In most cases, the carrier medium is a chipcard (such as the eCard) or a mobile phone (mobile phone signature). It is essential that the citizen card contains a qualified electronic signature and an identity link that contains the associated security data and functions, as well as any data on mandates which may have been granted.

You only need a PC and a card reader for inserting the eCard. In addition, you also need to download and install the necessary citizen card software, called the Citizen Card Environment. This software is available free for download for all of the most commonly used operating systems. If the citizen card function has been activated on your eCard using the Webservice from A-Trust, it can be used as a citizen card immediately afterwards. And the best thing about using the eCard as the citizen card is that the activation and its use is free of charge.

The citizen card is a very helpful tool in many areas of eGovernment. An Internet portal was created for the citizen card that contains extensive information on this electronic identification card and how it works.