Welcome to the platform of Digital Austria

The platform digital Austria is the coordination and strategy committee of the Federal Government for eGovernment in Austria.

eGovernment includes the totality of all electronic public administration services for the Austrian people. With it the access to and the contact with public authorities become easier. More than 93 percent of the enterprises already use eGovernment services, more and more citizens are electronic customers.


eGovernment is a synonym for a modern and innovative state in which quality, trust and speed are central elements.

In the sense of a one-stop-shop the platform digital Austria offers comprehensive information about eGovernment on the following sites. This principle is extended on so many areas as possible:

  • to be able to do electronically inquiries or to file an application,
  • to be able to electronically receive information at any place in Austria,
  • to ease the handling of administrative procedures.

The integration of all citizens, data protection management and customer orientation have the uppermost priority.


E-Government ABC – now available in English

Cover: eGovernment ABC

The Austrian "eGovernment ABC" offers a comprehensive overview on the Austrian eGovernment strategy.

Austria receives UNPS-Award in 2014